Parylene for Aerospace and Aviation

Parylene provides protection in even the most extreme environments, and nowhere is this more evident than in the complete emptiness of space or in the thin, freezing air at 30,000' altitudes. In these harsh and extreme conditions, parylene shines as an ideal coating of choice. Parylene coating from Parylene Engineering offers excellent crevice penetration, ideal barrier and insulating properties, high thermal and UV stability, low out gassing, among other properties that make parylene the ideal coating of choice.

Whether your valuable components are exposed to moisture, chemicals/solvents, sub-zero temperatures, or to UV-rays in the extreme conditions of space, Parylene Engineering has the product to closely match your requirements. Our complete array of parylene coating dimers simply means we can match up your needs with the proper coating solution. No other parylene service provider can make this claim… And that’s just one piece of the Parylene Engineering advantage. Parylene Engineering Conformal Coating has distinguished itself by providing excellent service in this field.

Parylene Engineering Conformal Coatings is prepared to assist in protecting sensitive components and devices in:
  • Medical devices and instruments (syringes, catheters, implants)
  • Electronic components (pcb, motors, assemblies)
  • Aerospace and Aviation electronics and other components
  • Military and defense parts
  • LEDS (Displays, SMD, circuit arrays)
  • MEMS
  • Nanotech
  • Semiconductor products (probes, membranes, other)
  • Silicone gaskets, seals, O-rings
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Glass
  • Wire and Cable