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The Parylene Engineering Services Process

Parylene Engineering has been the leading service provider of Parylene custom conformal coating services for more than 14 years. Many customers search for a coating solution to extend the life of a part or to solve a particular issue that they are having with a part.

To evaluate parylene coating as a solution, customers often have sample parts coated. This is called an Engineering Run. There are 2 types of engineering runs. Normally new customers begin by discussing their application with our sales/engineering department, so that we can understand the nature of your application and can recommend if Parylene will be successful. After discussing your requirements and timeline for the parts, and any associated costs, parts can be sent to Parylene Engineering for an Engineering Run. To discuss your application, please call 949-481-3155. If you prefer to initiate an engineering run online, you may fill out an electronic form with detailed information about your project. Once we receive this information, our Parylene Engineering sales or engineering associate will review it and contact you with any additional questions about the application and to discuss any associated costs. You will also receive a copy of the form via e-mail so that you can enclose a copy of it when you send your parts. To use the online submission process for an Engineering Run please fill out the form completely. It will open in a new window and guide you through the process. This does not take very long at all.

From the information you supply and after evaluation of the parts, Parylene Engineering Engineers will determine the best method of coating your parts, which may include cleaning, masking and fixturing, in addition to the type of Parylene and the desired thickness. Upon completion of the Engineering Run, the coated parts will be sent back to you for evaluation. Turnaround Time and Cost Information will be discussed once we have an idea of exactly the procedure you need. We typically identify our labor content, thickness requirements, other requirements, etc. Then we provide per unit cost. Many factors determine cost like cleanliness requirements, labor content (areas to be free of coating), thickness requirements, size of the board, and quantities.

We gladly honor any Non-Disclosure Agreements that might be required to facilitate further discussions about your particular part. Typically, we would like to limit our cycle time from three to five working days. We are however, aggressively trying to reduce our cycle times without compromising
our quality. Not having a cure cycle for parylene helps significantly in that regard. Faster turn time is always available with prior arrangement. We regularly support same day, or next day turn requirements as needed.

Please email or call for further details.
Phone: 949-481-3155

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